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I will fight for what I truly believe.

Actualizado: 17 oct 2020

Since a young age, I was exposed to so many different critics and stereotypes because of myself and the way in which in was running my life.

So now, I have too many things to say about that.

A quick back up to understand my point:

When I was a teenager, I suffered a lot. You will think “well yes, but as so many teenagers did it, it’s normal, but what I mean is not only about the fact that I passed out a lot of difficulties due to the environment where I used to live (“bad”persons around me who was trying to push me down and who actually tried to damage myself. It’s because it was so hard for me to know myself and I was trying to accept me during many years, judging me and trying to be the person that everyone wanted because like that they could be able to manipulate me. So I just step forward and I was continuing growing and keeping myself values.

I moved to a big city and began to live different and intense experiences. I started a new university career, I also started to travel as a model in many countries, and during all this I ended up finding myself.

Now, 7 years after leaving my niche, I can only thank each and every one of the experiences, personal places that have marked my path and helped me to grow.

#myself #history #goalife

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